4 Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your Air Filter

4 Benefits of Regularly Replacing Your Air Filter

Your HVAC system is the hardest-working appliance in your home or office. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, year in and year out. Still, like any worker, it needs your oversight to maintain peak performance. Keep your HVAC unit happy and productive by instituting a regular schedule for replacing its filter. Here are four benefits of regularly replacing your air filter.

Big Savings

Running an HVAC system requires power, and during a particularly hot or cold season, the gas and electricity bills add up. Your filter keeps pollen, pet hair and dander, dust, and other particles from impeding your system’s performance. Clean air moves more quickly, which means less wasted energy. It’s difficult to push air through a dirty filter, so help your system breathe by changing it every few months. You’ll notice the difference when the bills arrive!

Clearing the Air

Removing all the above particles makes a difference in your air quality as well. Does anyone in your home or facility experience asthma, allergies, or similar health issues? A clean filter can literally help them breathe easier. That carries over to everyone else’s health as well. Installing air purifiers is an even more effective step toward cleaner air, but keeping track of and replacing your air filter is a great start.

Keeping It Clean

Hate to dust and vacuum? The third of our four benefits of regularly replacing your air filter meets that need. The more dust, pollen, hair, and other matter the filter picks up, the less you need to clean up throughout the house. And when you stay on top of replacing the filter, it can keep on cleaning! It can’t do all your housework, but it does mean less labor on your part!

Living Long and Prospering

The surest way to destroy a piece of fine machinery is to skip basic and affordable maintenance. Changing the filter is one very important step toward ensuring your HVAC system keeps running. Letting gunk build up puts a strain on the device, leading to expensive repairs, if not total breakdowns. You’ll feel the difference in quality when the filter needs replacing, but don’t wait for that to happen. Check and change your filter every one to three months. Ask your installer what the manufacturer recommends. You’ll stay comfortable all year long!

Whether you have a concealed mini split​ system or a ductless HVAC setup, your filter will eventually need cleaning or replacing. To learn more, contact Pioneer today!