Wireless Internet Remote Programming & Access Dongle for Pioneer® WYS Series Air Conditioner Heat Pump Systems


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  • USB dongle plugs in to a specific port in pioneer ways series air conditioning systems
  • Access, monitor, control, program your pioneer system from anywhere in the world using a smartphone
  • Uses your local home Wi-Fi Network to communicate with amazon servers
  • Free downloadable application for apple I-phone or android phones
  • Weekly programming, remote Monitoring, alarms, full remote access to all functions of your pioneer air conditioning system (ways series)
  1. Manual says to continually press the "digital display button" or the "do not disturb button", I don't see either of the buttons, are they on the remote?
    LED button, right bottom corner.
  2. Where can I find a user manual for the dongle and where to plug it in on my heat pump?
    Plug it at the back of the front panel to the display module. Manual is packed with it.
  3. Is this an item that works with WYS024GMFI17RL pioneer?
  4. Is there a public API available for this dongle? I'd really like to integrate this into a SmartThings setup.
    "NetHome Plus" is the name of the application.
  5. Will osk102 work with the uyb series?
    No. WYS models only for now.
  6. Does this work with model wye012gmfi15rl ? what is the difference between wys and wye?
    It works with WYS models only. WYS is the newer model.
  7. I can get this to work great with apple products but i can't even download a version for android marshmallow. Is it coming to android again?
    Pending update. Currently not with Marshmellow.


Ask a Question
  • does this DONGLE will work with Model Number: YN030GMFI22M3D? thanks,

    This product will work on the wall-mount style indoor units for the multi-zone.

  • Will this allow the system to work with voice assistants such as, Google voice or Amazon Alexa?

    It will not, for that purpose you would need this device.

  • is there any way to connect my pioneer ac mini split with a nest thermo controller?

    Unfortunately there is no way of integrating this at this time.

  • does this DONGLE will work with WS009AMF119HLD? thanks,

    Yes this is fully compatible.

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