Pioneer® DYR Ducted Central

Variable Speed Inverter+ Compressor
DC Inverter+ compressor is driven by a sophisticated controller module and adjusts its refrigeration capacity based on the suction gas temperature to match the exact cooling or heating loads.

 Variable Speed Inverter+ Compressor

Variable Speed ECM Indoor Fan Motor
Electronically controlled indoor fan motor provides the correct static air pressure and volume for perfect air distribution through any ducting to each of the air registers through the conditioned space.

 Variable Speed ECM Indoor Fan Motor

Three Way Field Convertible Air Handler
Air handler is field configurable in vertical upflow, horizontal right and vertical downflow modes to match with all types of HVAC design requirements by simple field conversion.


Top Discharge Heat Pump Outdoor Unit
Side-discharge vs. traditional top discharge design for the entire range with louvered metal coil guard and variable speed DC inverter fan motor for high efficiency levels and ultra quiet operation modes.


Ducted Central Systems

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