What To Know About Using Dry Mode on Your Mini Split

A mini split is a convenient way to heat or cool specific rooms in your home without dealing with ductwork or modifying the existing HVAC system.

Most mini splits offer a dry mode that will help remove excess moisture from the air. However, there are some things you’ll need to keep in mind while tuning your installation. Here’s what to know about using dry mode on your mini split.

It Reduces Fan Speed

The first thing to consider if you want to operate your mini split in dry mode is that it will lower the fan speed and reduce the amount of warm air coming into the room. The setting consumes more energy, making it less efficient than other modes.

Running the fan in dry mode will have a cooling effect on the space. Remember that fan speed also impacts the unit’s overall heating and cooling performance.

You Shouldn’t Run It All the Time

Using dry mode on your mini split is a great way to reduce the humidity of a room, but you should be careful not to overdo it. Not only does dry mode require more energy, but if you remove too much humidity, the air can become too dry, making it uncomfortable for the occupants.

Mini splits use inverters to adjust their output depending on the current temperature and air quality. Finding a solid ductless mini split inverter can significantly affect how your home feels.

It Doesn’t Perform Well in the Heat

Mini splits can be operated at any temperature, but dry mode is specifically designed for when it’s damp or wet but not very warm. Dry mode is perfect in environments with high humidity but becomes inefficient the hotter it gets outside. Running it for just a couple of hours should be enough to get the humidity under control.

Extremely hot and cold temperatures will reduce the performance of your mini split. They may shut off if the weather turns too sharply, so you should use a secondary HVAC system in emergencies.

Improve Your Home’s Comfort and Efficiency

Mini splits provide a flexible option for homeowners who want to control the temperature of each room more efficiently. Knowing about using dry mode on your mini split will allow you to take full advantage of its capabilities.

Remember, your mini split’s dry mode isn’t meant to replace a dehumidifier altogether. It simply reduces the level of humidity to a more comfortable level.