What To Know About Ceiling-Mounted Mini Splits

What to Know About Ceiling-Mounted Mini-Splits

One of the most popular types of mini-spit configurations is the ceiling-mounted mini split. Also known as ceiling cassette mini splits, they are a type of temperature control system that’s mounted in the ceiling rather than on the floor or in the walls. If you’re interested in installing one in your home, consult this guide on what to know about ceiling-mount mini-splits.

Benefits of ceiling-mounted mini-splits

An AC ceiling unit offers a wide range of benefits. In addition to the benefits that all mini-split systems offer—such as increased energy-efficiency, improved air quality, and quiet operation—mini-split systems that are mounted to the wall also offer additional advantages such as:

  • Discrete appearance: Mounted mini splits are more discreet than most mini-split options because they’re located above eye level and because most of the unit is hidden above the ceiling. Only a small grille that’s around one inch thick will show.
  • Maximized space: Because they are mounted on the ceiling rather than the floor, they don’t take up any livable space on the floor or walls of your room.
  • Customizable air flow options: Ceiling cassette mini-split systems typically have four outlets for air to blow out of. You can close or open such outlets depending on which direction you want the air to blow, allowing you to enjoy customizable air flow options.

Considerations when installing a ceiling-mounted mini-split

Installation is another important thing to know about ceiling-mounted mini-splits. Before you choose to install an air conditioning ceiling mount, it’s imperative that you carefully consider if you have enough space. Most ceiling cassette mini-splits are at least 22.5 by 22.5 inches or larger. As such, it’s important to ensure that your home’s rafters are spaced at least 22.5 inches apart and that you can install the unit without structural components or other appliances blocking the airflow.

In addition to ensuring there’s enough room for your ceiling mini-split, you should also carefully consider placement. Try to avoid placing your mini-split near areas that are exposed to higher or lower temperatures, as doing so could result in incorrect temperature readings and adjustments. To prevent large temperature fluctuations that can skew the system’s effectiveness, it’s a good idea to place your mini-split in an area that’s well-insulated. Doing so will also prevent condensation from building up on the system’s exterior, which could eventually result in mold issues.

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