What Does It Mean To Be Energy Star Certified?

What Does It Mean To Be Energy Star Certified?

When searching for a new appliance or addition to your space, you need to make various considerations to find the perfect fit. Between your needs, preferences, and room layout, among other components, many factors play into your decision to ensure you receive the best things. One major quality many people look for, especially in mini split units, is an Energy Star certification. But what does it mean to be Energy Star certified, and why does it matter?

What Is Energy Star?

Most people know Energy Star as the blue-and-white label that appears on many home appliances, from refrigerators to washers and dryers. It’s the official symbol and governmental stamp of approval for energy efficiency. In partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy Star determines and signifies if a product is energy efficient according to ideal EPA standards. It indicates that the appliance in question operates optimally, producing quality performance with minimal environmental side effects. If you prioritize living a green and eco-conscious lifestyle, an Energy Star system best meets your needs.

Energy Star Efficiency Criteria

For a device to qualify as energy efficient and Energy Star quality, it must meet the standards distinguished in the Energy Star energy efficiency criteria and undergo a certain procedure. Appliances must go through a three-step process consisting of an initial energy efficiency test, a review, and a post-review test. Both testing steps look for specific energy usage that the EPA deems sustainable and efficient. For mini splits, here’s what it means to be Energy Star certified:

  • Uses 60 or more percent less energy than standard heating and cooling systems
  • An energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 12 and above
  • A seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 15 and above but ideally between 20 to 25
  • A heating mode efficiency counterpart (HSPF) of 7 and above

Importance of Being Energy Star Certified

Efficient appliances offer numerous benefits. They produce less energy waste, operate optimally, minimize energy bills, and create cleaner and environmentally safer spaces. They produce top results with less energy input and waste. Opting for an Energy Star wall-mounted mini split ensures you receive quality heating and cooling without negatively affecting the planet. It gives you a green solution to indoor temperature control.

Finding and using an Energy Star product means receiving quality and maximized output for fewer inputs. It minimizes your carbon footprint, reduces your energy bills, and increases your experience with the product. Looking for that classic blue Energy Star symbol ensures you receive an appliance that meets your needs and helps the environment.