Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality for Rehab Facilities

Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality for Rehab Facilities

People will go to great lengths for comfort, especially inside a medical facility, where comfort is essential to healing and recovery. No one wants to breathe in poor-quality, unfiltered air. It’s unhealthy and not sustainable. Here are a few ways to improve indoor air quality for rehab facilities.

The Source of It All

If you know the source of your poor air quality, you can start working on the root of the problem. You have to ask yourself how old your air conditioning unit is, whether it’s the right size for the space it occupies, and how well it operates. You will be unable to determine any of these things without first inspecting the unit. Don’t be afraid to get inside your unit and check its parts. Inspecting the unit will let you know how well it handles its job.

Ventilation Is Key to Success

If you’re using a standard air conditioning unit, it may or may not be the right size and model for the facility it’s attempting to cool. Ventilation could be another issue you run into, where the ducts could be clogged or even busted in areas. You’ll need to inspect these parts to ensure there aren’t any other problems with the system.

If you decide to get a new unit, consider using a multiple zone mini split system. These operate in several rooms simultaneously. The ventilation is ductless, so the air blows directly from the machine into the room.

Make Sure To Clarify the Air

Another way to change the air quality in your rehab facility is to use purification sprays. There are several sprays on the market that cut down on bacteria and germs in the air, cleaning and refreshing as you go. With a mini split in place and air moving consistently, these sprays will circulate around the facility, sanitizing and disinfecting the air.

We have listed the three ways to improve indoor air quality in rehab facilities to keep them up to code. It’s important that medical facilities keep air quality standards high to prevent illness from spreading.