Types of Spaces Ideal for Concealed Mini Splits

 Woman is seen looking up and using a remote to operate a mini split placed close to the ceiling.

When you choose to install mini splits, you’re making a choice to have pleasantly cool or warm air in your home. But did you also know you have the option of placing a mini split in a place where it doesn’t become an eyesore? Due to their sleek and scaled-down appearance, mini splits can hide in special spaces around your home. That means they won’t interfere with your home’s décor but can still deliver those pleasantly conditioned breezes you need to stay comfy. Here are a few different types of spaces ideal for concealed mini splits.

Historic Buildings

The main reason to preserve vintage buildings is to preserve history. It wouldn’t do to take a lovely Victorian home, gut it, and replace everything with drywall and modern fittings. Still, whether you plan to live in or show off an older building, the experience is less pleasant when you rely on earlier centuries’ techniques to cool things down at the height of summer. Open windows and fans? No thank you. Fortunately, mini splits fit into closet spaces, behind screens, and even under floors, delivering cool air when you need it. And they help preserve the interior as well, removing the threat of high heat and humidity that can destroy vintage wood and other old materials.

Office Spaces

If you’re seeking a sleek and professional look for your office, an exposed mini split system isn’t bad, but it can ruin the smooth and uninterrupted sightlines around the space. Certainly, having an industrial-looking device behind you isn’t an impressive look during an important teleconference or meeting. A hidden ducted mini split, however, is easy to stow away. It helps you keep cool during work and meetings without being a major distraction for you, your employees, or your clients.

Smaller Spaces

Some rooms offer minimal space. Mini splits can go in high positions out of eyesight and can also sit beneath the floor, behind cabinet doors, or in a closet. Of course, ductless mini splits don’t need extensive ductwork, so they’re great for basements and attics as well. Maximize the limited amount of space a room offers without sacrificing comfort.

Open Areas

Do you enjoy a sparse and uncluttered living space? Accommodate your minimalistic aesthetic with a mini split system. A concealed unit in an unnoticed area ensures your visual field remains unbroken. It leaves more room for art and other homely accoutrements that the presence of a piece of machinery might overwhelm.

Those are just four types of spaces ideal for concealed mini splits. When shopping for a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, consider the concealment appeal of mini splits! Contact us for more information and a consultation.