The Benefits of Using Energy Star Certified Mini-Splits

The Benefits of Using Energy Star Certified Mini-Splits

Alternative options are available for your cooling and heating needs compared to the standardized air conditioning units you might encounter. One such alternative we will focus on is the mini-split air conditioner. This type of HVAC unit is a unique and refreshing take on the classic version of machinery that many are used to.

With marvelous features that cannot be argued, there is no question as to why more people are moving to this technology for the comfort they need in their homes, offices, warehouses, and more. Here are a few benefits of using energy star certified mini-splits for you to consider.

They are More Energy Efficient

One of the primary highlights showcased most frequently with mini-split systems is that they are so energy efficient at all that they do. For example, the cooling mechanism is a more advanced technology than standard air conditioning models; these units can produce cold air at a fraction of traditional air conditioning costs. The same can be said for the heating mechanism.

Instead of generating heat on their own, in the summer, these mini-split units take heat from their surroundings and blow it into your home or office space. Not having to constantly heat the unit significantly lessens the energy it takes to power it and ultimately costs you much less to operate.

They Did Away With All the Ductwork

Most air conditioning systems have a maze of air ducts that travel from the main unit—either on the roof of your office building or in the backyard of your home—throughout the building’s structure, and connect to the vents in each room to displace the air and create a comfortable climate. However, this method of cooling and heating has proven to be inefficient and is quickly becoming obsolete.

You lose a huge percentage of your air if your ducts become compromised, which can happen in several ways—the most common way is a clogged vent. Over time, ducts can build up dust and debris, which can block the airflow.

Also, if your ducts become punctured, your system must work harder to get the air into your rooms, thus, increasing your electricity costs (not to mention the cost required to fix the duct). However, with a mini-split, ductless wall air conditioner, all the headaches caused by potentially punctured ducts and energy-inefficient units melt away. As the name suggests, these wall-mounted air conditioners are ductless.

The air comes from a direct line that connects its outside component to the inside component. The line feeds through a hole in your wall and consists of refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring to produce cold and hot air. As a result, the air is clean, crisp, and energy-efficient—much more so than traditional ductwork systems.

They Allow for Zoning

Did you know that you can create zoning with your mini-split system? Each unit has a specified number of BTUs that it can cover, which translates to the square footage that it can heat or cool. On average, most units approximately cover a 450-500 square foot room; however, there are ways around this.

If you have a unit that can handle higher BTUs, you can have up to eight extensions from your unit running at once—meaning eight different wall mounts in eight separate rooms, all connected to one unit. Think of it as if you had a traditional air conditioning system in place, only without the air ductwork.

They Helped Advance Mechanical Engineering

Due to the advancement of HVAC mechanics and the invention of these mini-splits, there is more to offer—particularly with the energy star certified varieties. These varieties are especially valuable as they are super quiet.

Their reduced noise is due to their high-end compressors and fans. With components such as these, your energy savings should be record-breaking—we are talking somewhere in the realm of thousands of dollars. You can also save a lot of money on the overall pricing of the unit itself.

They are a Breeze To Install

For those who love to stay at home and fix things on their own time, the installation process for some of these units can be easily done yourself. Such units could be quite cost-effective, and you have an opportunity to learn more about the system from your hands-on experience; if you want to hire an HVAC technician and have them come out to your house and install it for you, even better.

Doing so can provide some peace of mind knowing that the unit was professionally installed and you most likely won’t have any hiccups moving forward. Another benefit of having it installed by a certified professional is that you’ll have a reference for someone to work on your unit while it is under warranty. However, if you want to save money, you can install it yourself and be proud of your effort after seeing your unit’s majesty at work for the first time in your home.

They are Easily Customizable

These units can even be made to fit your rooms with different styles to accommodate your space and your preferred layout. If you like the traditional vent hoods with screens, those can be installed into the walls or the ceiling.

You can also install mounted air vents and other options to diversify your living space. Or you can stick to the wall mounts. However, even wall mounts have varying sizes and capabilities. These are also remote-controlled, so you can personalize your home’s climate and allow each room to have its own temperature settings.

In today’s market, and as the seasons change, utilities are becoming more expensive. With technology such as these mini-splits (or ductless air conditioners), you can greatly reduce the impact felt from the rise in energy usage and cost. Now that you know more about the benefits of using energy star certified mini-splits, you can purchase and install your unit—or collection of units—and rest easy knowing that you just made a great investment in your heating and cooling for years to come.

The Benefits of Using Energy Star Certified Mini-Splits