Signs That You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

Signs That You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

Replacing your AC unit may not be the most fun purchase in the world, but it is necessary to ensure comfort in your home. Generally, air conditioners should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. In some cases, however, they may need to be replaced more frequently. To determine if it’s time to kick your current air conditioning system to the curb, keep an eye out for these signs that you need to replace your AC unit.

Your AC system isn’t keeping your home cool

This may sound obvious, but when your AC system stops doing its job, it is time to replace it. If you notice that your air conditioner is blowing out lukewarm air or is barely blowing at all, the piping or ductwork of your system may be clogged, or your compressor could be broken. If repairing such issues proves to be extensively expensive, replacing your system is likely the best option.

Your air conditioner is making strange noises

Strange noises such as grinding, rattling, scraping, or squealing sounds coming from your AC system are a surefire sign that it should be replaced. Such unsettling sounds could be indicative of a serious issue with your system. They are likely caused by the system’s interior belt slipping out of place or broken motor bearings. Because these issues typically require costly repairs, it is important to turn your AC unit off immediately when you hear any strange sounds and contact a professional. If there is too much damage to your system to resolve the issue, a replacement will be necessary.

There is moisture buildup around your system

While most AC units create some degree of moisture, leakage or excess moisture around your system could be an issue. If you notice that your AC system has this issue, it is important to replace it immediately. Not only does the excess moisture provide the perfect breeding ground for mold, but it also could be the result of a refrigerant leak. Such a leak will cause your system to underperform while also posing a health risk to the residents of your home. A leak will also cause the system to generate and accumulate much more moisture than before, leading to increased risk of mold.

Your AC unit frequently breaks down

Frequent breakdowns are a sign that your AC unit is on its last legs and should probably be replaced. Rather than consistently paying for expensive repairs every other month, it is best to cut your losses and replace your system. Doing so won’t just save you from a lot of frustration every time your AC unit conks out during a hot day, but it will likely also save you money, as regular repairs can end up accruing substantial bills.

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