Reasons Your Home Feels Humid With the AC On

Reasons Your Home Feels Humid With the AC On

Living in a home with muggy air can be uncomfortable. In most cases, having an air conditioner that will cycle out warm, humid air and blow in nice cool air will solve this issue. However, even homes that have air conditioners can feel muggy at times. To get to the bottom of the issue, consider these potential reasons your home feels humid with the AC on.

Your AC System Cycles on and off Too Frequently

If you have a traditional central air conditioning system that is too powerful for your home, it may cycle on and off frequently. During the time that the system is off, humidity isn’t being pulled from the air, and your home may begin to feel muggy. To prevent your air conditioner from turning off and on repeatedly, it’s important to choose a system that is the right size for your home.

Another option is to invest in a mini-split AC system. Unlike traditional AC units, mini-split systems are equipped with inverter technology that allows them to run efficiently and continuously. As such, they can better keep your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity level.

Your AC System Isn’t Equipped To Handle Humidity

Quality air conditioning systems are designed to cool the air as well as dehumidify it. However, not all systems are capable of handling humidity. In some cases, an air conditioner may simply serve the purpose of cooling the air without managing its moisture level. In such a case, you may want to consider investing in a higher-quality AC system that is equipped to control indoor humidity.

Your AC System Is Too Small

Another potential reason why your home feels humid with the AC on is that the unit is too small. If your AC system isn’t big enough for your home, it won’t be able to cool your house properly or reduce humidity levels. Thus, you will be left with an uncomfortable, muggy living space. To choose a properly-sized AC system for your home, make sure to consider factors such as the size of your space, how well your home is insulated, and the climate you live in.

Your AC System Is Old

Over time, the quality of your air conditioning system will inevitably start to deteriorate—especially if you don’t practice proper maintenance. If your system experiences too much wear and tear, it may start to lose its ability to effectively remove humidity from the air. If you notice that your home is starting to feel muggy and it wasn’t when your AC system was new, you may want to consider hiring a mechanic to fix the issue or replace your system altogether. 

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