Pro Tips for Heating and Cooling an Old House

Pro Tips for Heating and Cooling an Old House

Old homes are rich in character and memories. However, they also come with outdated features that lack efficient functionalities. It is hard to maintain a home’s historical authenticity and at the same time enjoy the perks of modern-day technology.

Whether your space includes time-worn properties or simply needs an upgrade, adding temperature control in aged homes comes with challenges. Here are some pro tips for heating and cooling an old house.

Seal the Doors and Windows

Doorways and windows connect the interior of a home to the outdoors. Sometimes, they merge the two together too well. Gaps and cracks along the doorway and windowsill create entry and exit points for heat.

Sealing the edges of your doors and windows produces a barrier that traps air. In the winter, it keeps the warmth in and the cold out, and in summer, vice versa. Plus, caulking or adding insulation strips along the doors and windows allows you to keep the building’s original features. It maintains your home’s historical background while upgrading your living situation.

Upgrade Floors and Insulation

Sometimes the past isn’t worth saving or reviving. Although old homes are the birthplace for numerous memories and historical sentimentality, modern upgrades offer bountiful benefits. After all, there is a reason the new came and replaced the old.

Updating your floors and adding insulation gives your home improved features that work efficiently in maintaining your space’s indoor temperature. Insulated floors conserve and trap heat, keeping your home’s foundation temperate and more comforting. They make a huge difference and only require you to change one characteristic of the home, preserving the rest. New insulated floors give you a compromise between the old architecture and modern influences.

Use a Ductless HVAC System

Heat pumps provide you with a ductless HVAC system that requires minimal changes to your home’s structure. Unlike boilers and regular central heating methods, mini splits eliminate the need for a grande central system. They take up very little space and allow you to enjoy quality heating and cooling with a simple two-part system: an AC and condenser connected with thin refrigerant tubes.

To top it all off, mini splits, as their name suggests, also offer multiple split-zone abilities, allowing you to cool and heat multiple rooms connected to the same condenser. Investing in a multi-zone mini split system gifts your home with a quality temperature control mechanism that also conserves your property’s antique qualities.

Preserving old homes allows you to keep a piece of history alive and relish the beauty of architecture that is now a rare commodity. Following these three pro tips for heating and cooling an old house gives you different ways to mold modern technology and living standards with the authenticity of the aged home.