Is UV Disinfection for Mini Split Units Worth It?

Is UV Disinfection for Mini Split Units Worth It?

Did you know you can upgrade your mini split system with some accessories? From programmable thermostats to cable cover kits, there are many adornments available to enhance your mini split user experience. UV lights are among the more popular HVAC accessories to install. But is UV disinfection for mini split units worth it?

What Is UV Disinfection?

UV disinfection is the process of using UV lights to sterilize a surface. The strip of disinfecting lights is under the cabinet cover of an AC and connects via wires to the control box housing the unit's electrical wiring. Due to the range of frequencies UV lights emit, it can eliminate mold and bacteria. People use UV disinfection to prevent and minimize mold and bacteria growth. It can also get rid of other air toxins and odors for their mini splits systems.

What Are the Benefits?

Sterilizing the air and space around your HVAC system offers a range of benefits for both you and your unit. Here are a couple of the advantages of installing this disinfector accessory.

Improves Efficiency

Since UV lights produce cleaner air, they relieve the mini split from spending lots of energy filtering the air. UV disinfection also eliminates debris and dust buildup in front of the vents, removing potential barriers to the air flow's path. With an extra filtering source and less ventilation blockage, the mini split uses minimal energy to produce and spread clean air into a space.

Optimizes Air Quality

Bacteria, dust, and other volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere decrease the air quality. For those with allergy sensitivities and respiratory difficulties, toxins filtering through the room can cause further breathing difficulties. UV frequencies breakdown VOCs and other airborne substances, optimizing the quality of air

Reduces Maintenace and Costs

The UV rays’ eradication of airborne and small particles further minimizes the amount of dirt and dust buildup around and within the mini split unit. The less debris is in the surrounding area, the less grime it will collect. This will keep the AC's vents clean and free of damage for longer. Because your unit won't endure as much wear and tear from clogging harmful particles, installing UV disinfection also reduces maintenance costs.

Minimizes Lingering Odors

Airborne particles and bacteria can accumulate smells, especially in humid atmospheres. With the UV frequencies eliminating particles and toxins, it also decreases the risks of lingering odors.

UV disinfectors help HVAC systems operate longer and create safe spaces filled with quality air, free from respiratory dangers. If you think the UV disinfection for mini split units is worth it, then you should get a UV disinfection accessory. This is an easy upgrade you can make to your own unit. Pioneer's UV disinfection split AC installation accessories come with stick-on installments, making them quick and simple add-ons that anyone can attach to their mini splits.