How Ductless Mini Splits Remove Allergens From the Air

How Ductless Mini Splits Remove Allergens From the Air

Mini split systems have unique uses. While they might not fit every situation, people who invest in them find the benefits outstanding. Mini splits are ideal if you have an older home that isn’t well-ventilated or a small space that needs an efficient means to circulate cool, clean air.

Many people suffer from allergens and will go to great lengths to keep themselves from experiencing allergen flare-ups. Here are a few examples of how ductless mini splits remove allergens from the air to give you a better idea.

Keeping Dust and Allergens Out of the Air

What you get from your mini split system is something completely different from what you would expect from a conventional air conditioning system. You will never see dust and dander coming from your mini split system because the air entering your home comes directly from outside.

A mini split also collects any moisture in the air, which could harbor allergens and pathogens, and moves it outside through a refrigerant line. Regular air conditioners circulate existing air through the air ducts, which can build up dust and debris and scatter allergens around the house.

Multi-Stage Filtering Process for Top Quality

Mini split installation kits are known for their multi-stage filtration built into their systems. They use HEPA filters as the standard in air quality control for fighting allergens and pathogens, among other contaminants like mold, pet dander, and dust mites. With this level of air filtration, there is no limit to how clean and crisp your air will be.

The Effect of Moving Air Through the Home

As your mini split system operates, you will enjoy clean, fresh air from the outdoors entering your home and conditioning the interior. Because these units have a continual flow, air circulation is consistent, which reduces dust and dander buildup. Stale air and moisture are the two largest buildup contributors.

There is little room for dust and dander to linger, thanks to the refrigerant valve pumping any excess moisture through its coils from the inside to the outside and consistent airflow. Low moisture levels bring down humidity, making a comfortable environment.

You’re missing out if you have yet to experience what mini splits can offer. The sheer effectiveness of how ductless mini splits remove allergens from the air is truly remarkable!