Can Mini Split Systems Bring Fresh Air Into Your Home?

Can Mini Split Systems Bring Fresh Air Into Your Home?

Mini splits enhance your home in various ways, from providing a more eco-friendly heating and cooling method to maximizing comfort levels. Their myriad of benefits makes them some of the most popular HVAC systems to invest in and install. They work for your home and a range of spaces spanning from apartments and office buildings to storage units and RVs. However, can mini split systems bring fresh air into your home?

How Mini Splits Work

Mini splits do improve your indoor air quality, but not by bringing in fresh air from the outdoors. Although mini splits include an indoor and outdoor unit, those units don’t pass air through one another, contrary to popular belief. Instead, they circulate heat energy. Heat energy changes in matter throughout the cycle, switching from gas to liquid. The collected heat energy passes through refrigerants, connecting the exterior and interior components. It also passes through compressors that vaporize, evaporate, and change their temperature.

In order to cool your spaces, mini splits take in the room’s heat energy, send it through the refrigerants, and compress it in the outdoor unit. They then return it through the refrigerants, and decompress it into cool air. In order to provide heat, mini splits reverse their cycle and take in heat energy from the outdoors, circulate it through the system to change into hot air, and release the heated air into your desired location.

How Mini Splits Improve Air Quality

So if mini splits aren’t ventilating fresh air, how do they improve your indoor air quality? All mini splits contain a filer in the AC unit. The AC’s filters trap any impurities in the air collected as the system takes in the room’s heat energy and releases the hot or cold air back into the room. On top of using filters, adding additional air purifiers like UV disinfection further improves and refines your air quality.

How To Get Fresh Air Into Your Home

Breathing in fresh air provides many benefits, especially to your mental well-being, such as improved mental clarity and stimulated positive emotions. Opening your doors and windows allows the outdoor air to circulate through your space, providing you with some of the perks of spending time outdoors. However, keep in mind that fresh air can also bring in pollen, pollutants, and other irritants.

Although mini split systems can’t bring fresh air into your home, they still provide you with cleaner and improved air quality on top of their long list of other advantages. Whether you install a classic wall mount or ductless air conditioning roof mount, equipping your space with a mini split system ensures you receive maximum comfort. You get ideal room temperatures and minimal allergens and toxins in the air. The natural fresh air comes from outside, and the mini splits provide indoor comfort and temperature control.