7 Ways To Reduce Air Pollution in Your Home

7 Ways To Reduce Air Pollution in Your Home

Air pollution is a problem, but it doesn’t have to be one in your home. In this article, we’ll look at seven ways to reduce air pollution in your home. Put them into practice, and you’ll be on your way to a house filled with clean air and an outside environment that’s a little less polluted.

Keep It Smoke Free

People who smoke in their homes fight a constant uphill battle for clean air. Cigarettes leave their marks on furniture and curtains. Even the walls turn a darker color as the smoke settles. Cleaning, changing air filters, and anything else needed to create clean air in a home is doubled when there’s smoke in the air. So one of the best ways to reduce air pollution in your home is to allow no smoking.

Ditch the Chemicals

Many of us grew up with certain scents that remind us of a clean home, so we expect to smell them as we clean. However, some of those items that smell “clean” are full of chemicals that travel through the air—and that’s anything but clean. Opt for all-natural cleaners instead.

Use Filters

You may have filters in your home that need regular changing. Mark those cleaning needs on your calendar so that you don’t forget. Clean filters are essential for clean air. Remember the filters in your furnace, mini-split system, air conditioner, humidifier, or air purifier.

Plants, Plants, and More Plants

Plants love to absorb bad air and give us clean air in return. Our homes benefit from lots of them, so go ahead and hang plants in every corner, set them on tables, and perfect your green thumb. Plants are one way to help rid of air pollutants while making your home look beautiful.

Install Solar Panels

We don’t often think of the power sources in our homes as sources of air pollution as well. Sadly, the sourcing, creation, and transportation of power to our homes use methods that lead to air pollution. One way you can do your part in your home is to install solar panels to get energy from the sun. Solar panels are the best ways to harness the natural power the sun has to offer.

Ventilate the Kitchen

Cooking with a gas stove is preferable if you love to cook. Still, ventilation is critical. Use a hood that ventilates to the outside of your home, or you may expose your family to dangerous gases such as nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, or carbon monoxide.

Stop Stirring Up Dust

Have you ever noticed a brown haze in the air when you’re outside? That haze is caused by air pollution. Your own backyard contributes to that pollution. Keep your lawn hydrated to avoid stirring up dust, and avoid using chemicals on your lawn. They put your yard at risk of dry spots; not to mention, they’re awful for the environment.

When we all do our part at home, we improve the environment for everyone. Every little step helps. At Pioneer Mini Split, we are proud to offer an energy-efficient multi-room mini-split air conditioner as well as other ductless systems. Our units play significant roles in bringing down energy costs and use. Contact Pioneer Mini Split or browse our online store for more information.