4 Tips for Efficient Ways To Run a Mini Split

If you own a mini split, you already know about the great service and cool and hot air these handy devices offer. They’re extremely versatile, easy to install, and incredibly convenient—and they take up less space than a larger ducted HVAC system. But did you know they’re incredibly energy efficient too? Here are four tips for efficient ways to run a mini split.

Maintain It Well

Regular maintenance is part and parcel of any electronic device, and mini splits are no exception. Take the time to keep yours clean by dusting off the exterior and keeping the external parts of the unit free and clear of plants and debris. Check and clean or replace the filters. Mini splits take in the surrounding air and any hair, dust, dander, or other matter floating around. Failing to clear the filters leads to diminished service and breakdowns, not to mention higher electricity bills. Having a technician inspect the unit once a year is also a good idea.

Mind the Thermostat

Don’t just set and forget your mini split’s settings. Find the best balance between comfort and savings by setting your thermostat according to the outside temperature. During the summer, maintain a temperature of around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and higher when you’re not home. This will provide cool temperatures without overtaxing the unit and demanding more power. Honestly, when the weather gets warmer, it doesn’t need to be as cold as the Arctic indoors! Keep cool, but not too cool.

Activate Energy-Saving Mode

Most mini splits incorporate preprogrammed energy-saving functions that diminish the amount of power the device consumes without affecting performance. Read the manual and figure out how to make the adjustments that reduce the amount of power the unit employs. Generally, though, mini splits are very frugal about the amount of energy they use. Still, it doesn’t hurt to help them use just a little less.

Consider Multiple Zones

One of the neat things about mini splits is that you can position several throughout the house. A larger ducted HVAC system only has one setting for the entire home. However, with a multiple-zone mini split arrangement, you may adjust the settings of each unit, providing warm or cool air in specific rooms of the house. Just heat or cool the rooms currently in use. That reduces energy use without sacrificing anyone’s comfort.

Those are just four tips for efficient ways to run a mini split. Ask your installer or technician for other ways to save on energy while still basking in perfectly conditioned air!