4 Ideal Places To Install Your Mini Split Systems

4 Ideal Places To Install Your Mini Split Systems

The biggest benefit of a ductless mini split system is that it’s ductless. That means it doesn’t require installation of an elaborate ductwork system and can thus be in any position in your home. Well, almost. Some parts of your home are better spots for the installation of your mini split. Here are four ideal places to install your mini split systems.

A Smaller Room

Remember to give the once-over to the room in which you plan to install the mini split. Measure it. Note the size and shape and the items and obstacles that can aid or impede airflow. If you want the entire room to have a uniform feeling of warmth or coolness, stick with a smaller room. That’s not to say that you can’t strategically place a mini split in a large room to provide comfortable temperatures in one area more than another. Still, it’ll work best when it isn’t struggling to fill a large space.

A Frequently Used Room

Another thing to keep in mind is how often someone will be around to enjoy the mini split’s efforts. You don’t want to install it in a little-used room where it only runs some of the time. Living rooms and bedrooms probably get the most use, but if there are other parts of the house that need climate control more often, consider those first. If a room is in some place where the conditioned air can flow into surrounding rooms and areas, that’s worth considering as a place for a multiple zone mini split as well.

An Interior or Exterior Position

Your mini split’s ductless feature helps make installation easier, but it still requires a little bit of thinking about placement. Mini splits can go on either an interior or exterior wall. An exterior wall allows a way for the unit to drain easily, while an interior mount may require a condensate pump and several special electrical and refrigerant connections. Discuss your options with the installation company.

An Optimally Functional Spot

When you do decide on a space, think of the best way to position the mini split. Avoid places that get direct sunlight or heat sources, because it will have to work even harder to cool things down. Placing it too high (above 10 feet) will reduce its effectiveness by sending cool air upward. Naturally, you shouldn’t place the mini split in a spot you can’t easily reach. You’ll need to do periodic cleanings and filter changes. Also, mini splits are generally quiet. However, if you need less noise in the area, install yours elsewhere.

Those are four ideal places to install your mini split systems and other things to keep in mind. Contact us if you want to learn more about what a mini split can do for you!