The Benefits of a Mini-Split System

Mini-split products are a convenient, economical and energy-efficient air conditioning and heating solution that can be used in one room or expanded to multiple rooms.

Installing or expanding an existing air conditioning and heating system can be daunting and expensive, with all the ductwork that has to be completed. A mini-split system is the perfect solution that focuses on comfort for individual rooms or spaces.

Easy to Install

Rather than running additional ductwork throughout a home or building, ductless systems pump cool or heated refrigerant through small lines directly to the wall-or ceiling mounted air-handling units inside the room, requiring minimal labor.

Quiet Operation

The system condenser is conveniently placed outside, with lines connecting to the wall-mounted unit inside. Because this unit is not placed within the home or in the window, mini-split systems offer an extremely quiet cooling option.

Energy Savings

Inverter technology was designed to provide energy efficiency; allowing the mini-split systems to automatically adjust speed and output, therefore only the amount of energy needed to meet the cooling requirements is used. Many Pioneer© products have earned the Energy Star seal, which is recognized as the leading international rating standard for energy-efficient consumer products.

Cost Efficient

Mini-split systems offer the advantages of central air conditioning without the associated costs. They are not only designed to be efficient, but also save money.

  • Lower installation costs.
  • No ducts where energy can be lost; duct losses can account for more
  • than 30% of energy consumption in central air conditioning systems. Individual room temperature control, provides ideal comfort.
  • Reduced electric bills.